Abigail's story


My name is Abigail Bensman and I've been a type one diabetic for two and a half years.


Following my diagnosis I felt confused and hurt as to why this would happen to me. The moment I stopped feeling so sorry for myself is when I started living.


I got diabetes involved in my school, by talking to health classes and educating them on what type one diabetes was and how this challenge affects my daily life.


After doing this, I grew more confident. Last winter I started an Instagram page, @slowdownsugar_ , where I focus on the positive side of diabetes. At the beginning of this summer, I started a website www.slowdownsugar.com, where I can not only share photos, but write longer posts that demonstrate the positive side of living with type one.


Before diabetes I was happy; however, my diabetes fueled me with a passion. This fall as I begin college, I am studying dietetics, in order to help others realize that what we eat has a huge impact on managing diseases as well as physically and mentally feeling well.

Abigail Bensman

Jake Kaufman